Levels -What am I doing wrong?-

Got stuck here… the problem is a bit more complex as I describe here but I’m sure that once I figure this out I can do the rest myself.

I have a swf with a movieClip with a button in it with the following code:

on (press) { 
     loadMovieNum ("shoppingchart.swf",2); 
     _level2.shopLine_mc.product = "single toothpick";

Now the shoppingchart.swf has a movieClip with the instancename “shopLine_mc” in this movieClip there is a dynamic textfield with the var called product.

Now I’d say that if I press the button the shoppingchart.swf should load on level2 and show the text “single toothpick” in the textfield right?

It doesnt… it does load the shoppingchart.swf but the dynamic textfield doesnt change…

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong…

Thanks in advance…


My first guess is that you did not embed your font … maybe … maybe …

you may have to wait until it is loaded before telling it to do anything.