<li> duplicating on every row


I have a xml document with imformtion grouped as “slides” the text value of the slides are sometiems formatted with the <li> tag these then populate a textArea component. my problem is that as soon as I load a text with the <li> tag it duplicates on the all the rows… any one have a solution to that problem.?? I use CSS to format the text,


excample of the xml below, the bold text shouldn’t get bullet points but it does…
<P class=“OCHATEXT”>Welcome to this section that looks at the terms and conditions for your job. <P class=“OCHATEXT”></P><P class=“OCHATEXT”>There are three topics to complete in this section: </P><LI><A href=“asfunction:_root.LinkSlide,67”>Topic 1: Knowing your basic terms and conditions</A> <LI><A href=“asfunction:_root.LinkSlide,50”>Topic 2: What qualities are important for an OCHA member of staff?</A> <LI><A href=“asfunction:_root.LinkSlide,59”>Topic 3: Managing your professional development</A></LI></P><P class=“OCHATEXT”>edrghdshdshjsdjsj</P>[/COLOR]