Library linkage/export for as question

hey all - i’m slowly adapting over from AS2 and while most of the time it’s been a total pleasure, there are a few things that are making me tear my hair out.
currently this is the problem i’m having.
i’m exporting a symbol - song1 - from my library to AS (“export for actionscript”) and then using it to dynamically create some movieclips (hereafter referred to as MC’s) on the stage. each MC contains a text field that is filled by an value in an array…
hell - here’s the code, that ought to be simpler!

function xmlLoaded(event:Event):void {
	songList_XML = new XML(;
	var songNodes:XMLList =
	var songTime:XMLList =
	var songNumber:int = songNodes.length();
	//trace(songNumber);	// returns 0-8
	//trace(songNodes);		// returns title tags
	//trace(songTime);		// returns time tags
	for(var i:int = 0; i < songNodes.length(); i++) {
		var j:int = i + 1;
		// song clips created and added to stage
                // song1 is the exported to AS symbol from the lib
		var newSongClip:song1 = new song1();
		// = "songClip" + [j];
		newSongClip.x = 410;
		newSongClip.y = 380 + (3.25 * (* + 1));
		// time clips created and added to stage
		newTimeClip = new song1();
		newTimeClip.x = 670;
		newTimeClip.y = 380 + (3.25 * (* + 1));
		newTimeClip.songTitle.text = timeArray*;
		newSongClip.songTitle.text = j + ". " + songArray*;
		// = "nameSong" + [j];

Now all this works without a hitch - all the trace statements produce what they are supposed to and the MC’s appear on the stage where they are supposed to and with the proper text (song name song time).

BUT - here’s what i don’t understand - how do i REFER to the INSTANCES of each clip?
because they are created dynamically they don’t have instance names and there is no way to assign them instance names via AS (right?).
i tried to use the Display List to access them by assigning each one a name (last line - commented out) and then using the getChildByName() method - for ex. getChildByName(“nameSong1”). but that didn’t work either…
i have a few other ideas but they all seem ridiculously complicated - i believe there’s GOT to be a simple solution for this but i’ve checked all the references i have (O’Reilly, AS Bible, and others) and found almost nothing. just the display list trick above which didn’t work.

anyway - sorry to go on and on and on… if anyone can help me out here i’d sure appreciate it - this is a paid job and it’s holding me up!

thanks in advance,