Lil help on that RegExp proggy

I want it to match the expression “lol” in a sentance… I entered “lol 234234” for the main string for a test (remove the "`s, their not part of the expression) and I put the expression as “lol”.

I didn’t touch parameter or flags, because I’m not really sure I know what they are heh :).

I guess it works because I got :
String.match(expression): true
[0] = lol

The only problem is how do I put it in flash… I have no clue, and when I did it told me there are syntax errors…

Also, how would I add expressions with it like : a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p, etc… so if he says a, or b, or c etc it would match it.

Heh this is confusing.

Please help if you can :-\

p.s. someone posted the link in my other thread

The link is :

s = "lol 234234"
re = new RegExp("lol|a|b");

   trace("found lol or a or b");
   trace("no match found");

Wow, that’s cool!

pom :asian:

I don’t get it really :\

All I want it really to do is to play a sound when a, or b, or c, or d, to z is typed in a textbox, it would sound a wav file…

_root.onKeyDown = function(){
	var k = Key.getCode();
	if(k > 64 && k < 91){
		// jouer au musique


Hue… It’s jouer la musique :stuck_out_tongue:


Arg! French sucks!


I still don’t get it

hehe i like the | thingymagig :slight_smile: