Lil' iddy biddy grid

I had it a minute ago… where did she go… :puzzle:

I know you can go to view grid and it’ll have a normal grid, but just a minute ago I had a grid in flash so that when I zoomed to 800% all the text could be seen pixel by pixel connected on the grid instead of just large boxes.

Anyone know what this craAAAzy woman’s talking about here?

~~ Seretha :love:

Well, I don’t think this is what you are talking about, but…what the heck.
You can edit your grid so that it is smaller by going to:

View>Grid>Edit Grid

Then make the spacing 8pt.

I hope this will at least “help” :slight_smile:

  • thnx jimmyjimmy for the help, it is better that the large boxes,

– but what I need is the grid that actually outlines each letter (it’s that small of a grid that it has one line down the left side of a letter and then on the right… exact pixels)

Hope someone out there knows what I’m talking about.

~~ Seretha :love:

View/Snap To Pixels sounds like what you are looking for. What this will do is snap your clips to exact pixels, and when you zoom in far enough the pixel grid will show and help you align to exact pixels.


That’s what i was lookn’ for !!

~~ Seretha :love: