LIMA HUARIKES (my final career project)

[COLOR=#ffffff]Lima Huarikes[/COLOR]HI…people
i am in my finish project at School…
its an Interactive CD
but i decide to do it like:
Interactive USB.

so i’ll. post questions and asking, (beggin’) for help… around…
i would like to have some MastersinFlash to follow please…

i’ll upload to my ftp the swf so i can ask for it.

thank you for your time.

lima huarikes its a guide about thouse special places of Lima (Perú) where you can find awesome food, nice cultural places, warm places to stay and fun places to party as you where at home.

thank you. i hope some of you could be with me in this project (it has to be finished this end of month).

regards from Peru [COLOR=#888888][/COLOR]