Limits of PHP in Flash MX

I just finished a Flash site and now I’m working with someone, a php programmer, on creating a small online store. The store will hopefully be loaded via PHP inside of Flash. He knows little about Flash and I know a little about PHP. We could eseally make these pages, for the store, in HTML and load a seperate page, but that would be tacky.

I have been reading through the PHP tutorials, but I am still a little worried that the capabilities to load things dynamically into flash is limited.

Does anyone know of any example Dynamically loaded PHP flash sites?


There is an awesome book:

Foundation PHP for Flash

I just got it last week and it is a wealth of information.
You can do what you have suggested and there are many examples in the book and on the web.

My only experience thus far has been creating online forms with variables being sent to PHP script and back to Flash.

Good luck!