Line masking

why the poop wont flash let you make a mask out of a line or a group of lines? and breaking or grouping i can do to trick it into it? thanks.

If you draw a line with a height of 5. The line is actually very thin… so thin that it can’t be thinner! that 5 is just for illustrate the line ( otherwize you wouldn’t be able to see it at all – thin)
You can solve your problem by selecting the lines and converting them to fills! or maybe you have a certain reason for having lines?

To convert a line to a fill go to Modify/Shape/Convert Lines to Fills

This should solve your line masking problem.

look at my footer…

is that somewhat like what you’re trying to do?
i mean i doubt that you want the lines to be all crazy like that…
but as you can see, the group of crazy lines is masking an image i have scrolling underneath it.

well, assuming that it is, here’s a few things to consider…

if you’re using setMask on a movieclip
<li>i believe that you “technically” cannot mask more than 1 thing at a time…
<li>therefore if you have many movieclips you want to mask, try combining them all into 1 movieclip if possible, and then mask that grouped one.

but probably the easiest way to mask multiple objects would be to simply put them all on the same layer, and make that whole layer a mask, which is what i did with the lines on my footer.

i hope that helped i answered your question a little.


I’ll try all these methods first thing tomorrow, thanks everyone

Syko/LostinBeta that worked just fine. and no syko, no need to keep them lines, but just in case… what in the hell would you do if they for some reason HAD to be lines?