Line opens up (newbie)

Hi I am new to flash but slowly learning I am a bit stuck that the moment
and wonder if someone could help I would like to know how to make a line
Open up into a box to then show the contents of my site
(Links, menu, etc) thanks to anyone who can help

Can you be more specific? Do you want it to be a line that folds into a box, or a line that drops down like a drop down menu?

ya sorry like this site

thanks for your help

That looks like it combines the loadMovie function to load the content, and simple tweening to get the “doors” open.

The Preloader is done with the doors closes, then after the movie is preloaded it triggers the frame that starts the opening of the door. The door opens and voila, the content is showed. The doors will obviously be on a higher Layer than the content.

The opening of them is most likely contained in Scene 2 and the closed door image is contained in Scene 1 (If you go by the basic way of creating a preloader using 2 scenes).

Just draw one side, and use motion tween to tween it off the screen and do the same from the other side.

thanks that does help in knowing how it was done

Glad I could help:) If you have anymore questions, don’t be a stranger.