Linear Motion with Actionscript

Ok I got the **Connected Lines **tutorial figured out, I made it so that all of the dots connect to a fixed position instead of each other.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to make a movieclip(s) appear at timed intervals at the fixed position and move to the blueCircles and back to the fixed position at the same speed (no easing).

While the movieclips are moving the timer for the function should be "shut off ". After all the movieclips “bounce” off the blueCircles the timer will become active again

What I’m trying to accomplish is to make a simulation for one of my classes and I want it so that if one of the blueCirlces is further away from the other ones, then the movieclip moving towards that buleCircle will take longer to return to it’s original position.

Also after looking at the tutorial Random Movement in Flash MXI was able to change the “random” to a fixed position except for I could only get it to work for one movieclip, plus that movieclip had to be on the stage unlike how the blueCircle are created on the Connected Lines tutorial (which is what I would prefer)

Hopefully this makes sense…