Linear Photography Technique

Hey Folks,
Please give me any feedback on this site, it is linear crossdissolves of some of my photography, not really an informational site. More a linear story, that is different for everyone…

I am concerned with all the alpha’ing and transforms going on, + the crossdisolves of the pics that it may be too processor intensive. Please let me know.

My spoiled ass made on my Dell 1.8mghz + 512 ram + plus a nice graphics card… so I may have pushed it too far. I did place the pics pretty far apart so they could stream in on 56k.

Please let me know what you think:

Ok I gave it a whirl, here’s what I got:

Was pretty choppy. I’m on a 650 MHz, 256 megs of Ram, GeforceIIMX. I must say it looked quite impressive, but just because of how slowly it ran, I’m sure it took away a bit of the quality of your work.

I also gave it a try at work before taking off (That’s a 1.5 GHz machine), and it worked a lot better. But then again, it also has 512 Megs of DDR-Ram, and a better graphics card… so that’s probably why.

If you could get a similar effect without the huge cpu strain, you’d have gold in your hands right there.

Have a good one,

Uth :nerd:

That is really the only problem. The CPU Usage. I am running a 700MHZ computer with 128 RAM, pretty crappy I know, but I don’t have the worse computer in the world, there are people with worse. Don’t forget the little people…lol. If you could in anyway decrease the CPU usage so it doesn’t lag, I think everything would be perfect (xcept the hiding buttons in the corner, but they turn colors when you are about an inch in near them, so that isn’t THAT important).