Lines, lines, lines....and their movement

How do i make a line to move, grow, shrink, follow a path…i thought about masking but i believe there must be an easier way of doing it via actionscript…am i right?

please help…
Thanx a lot for your time…:wink:


You 1st have to convert the line to a movie clip so you may access it properties. You can make the line shrink / grow by simply changing it x,y values (this is to move the line) or it’s xscale, yscale (this is to make it shrink/grow) & so on.
Is this what your talking about. Please be a specfics as possible w/ what you’d like to do. Perhaps I can work a basic example for you.

Take care

yes that’s exactly what im talking about…but…the thing is that i would like the line to take a shape…for example:

i want the line to do something like that…still with the x,y values?..and how do i do that?

I think that you’ll be better off going with straight tweening animation on that one. There’s no reason to mask either.

here’s an example.

<EMBED src= quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=170>

it’s just a simple tween, but if you need to see it’s source, it’s here

ok…thanx a lot!..that’ll be perfect!

oh, and the diagram didn’t show up as i expected…the board changed it al…but it doesn’t matter…glad u understood me…

thanx again!