Lines, Motion, and Other Things

I’m sure everyone has seen the cool flash interfaces that have animated lines that seen to create themselves upon loading.

I mean I’ve seen, used, and been through the tutorials that show you how to lengthen a straight line, but where are the tutorials that show you how to create shapes with the lines.

IE…Box’s, circles and other things
I mean, I’ve seen a tutorial, but I lost it before I could look over it.

Any help would be appreciated.

it’s a new thing only in MX, it’s called the drawing api, you can now draw lines with actionscript. it’s really cool, if you’ve got MX, try it out, if not, get the trial.

Hey thor, maybe you could write a tutorial on api/lines etc. I’ve searched for a tutorial on it but I can’t find anything.

That would be an interestingly cool tut for me…I’d love to see it.

Could you tell us where it is, because I have a French version, abd I can’t find anything that looks like drawing API anywhere…

pom 0]