Lines that follow the mouse

i saw at site a small flash where when we hoover the mouse two lines follow the mouse
how can one do that?

That’s a very useful technique. First of all, press Ctrl + F8. This will edit a movie Clip. Name it whatever you want. Draw two perpendicular lines, the point where they cross must match the little cross. Try and make it very big.
On the top left of your window, click on Scene 1 to go back to the main scene (to exit the edit mode). Press Ctrl + L to poen your library. you will see your clip in there. Drag and drop it on the scene. Press Ctrl + M and resize your window to something a little bit smaller.
Right click your clip, select Actions, and write :
onClipEvent (load) {
startDrag (this, true) ;
Explanation : 1st line : when you load the movie
2nd line : start to drag this clip (target) with a lock to mouse center (true) [you get that in normal mode with actions>startDrag>target = this, check expression, check lock to mouse center]
And you’re done !


hi again
it didnt took me 2 minutes!! and worked perfectly!
thanks a lot!


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