Link into a dynamic text

I would like to put a link inside a dynamic text that will call a frame label.

dynamic text name : news.txt (loaded on timeframe inside a mc)
loadText = new loadVars();
loadText.load(“textes/news.txt”, “”);

frame label name : special
link inside my dynamic text to call special???

I tried: a href=“home.swf” target=“special”

but didn’t work.

Does somebody can help me with that one. Thank’s, CK

Do you mean a frame label inside your movie? If so, I think you’ll have to mess with ASFunction. I’ll try and make something for you when I get out of class :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

no actually my frame label (special) is on my timeline (13).
It’s my dynamic text (news.txt) that is loaded into my mc (news)
is why I have
loadText = new loadVars();
loadText.load(“textes/news.txt”, “”);

In beetween you and Immontoya we are well serve.
I thank you in advance for your time and you file.