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Hi Flash Monsters…
I have a big problem using Get URL: If I put all my html & swf in the same folder is really easy to write url but if I share my html pages in a folder named “html” and my swf in a folder named “flash” I’m not able to control URL links. I used javascript for the index links and I resolved a part of my problem but now I’m not able to make a link that “EXIT FROM A FOLDER”… PLEASE HELP ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! Thanks… DoctorflashII

Maybe with …/otherFolder/images.
Not sure tough. Actually, I’m not sure about what you want. :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

What I think he is trying to say is that he has a flash file here:


and he wants to link it too a file thats here:


but he is going to share the folder1, so he can’t type the full address of the file because he doesn’t know where the person will put the folder, so he wants to be able to type a command in the getURL to move out one directory and then go into a different directory. I don’t know excactly. Thats what I got from the jumble. Its possible, just don’t remember how. Sorry. Good Luck.

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Relative paths work as follows

…/ will go up one directory - equivalent of _parent

…/ will go up two directories - equivalent of _parent._parent

…/ will go up three directories - equivalent of _parent._parent._parent


Directory a contains two sub directories a1 and a2; each directory contains a swf - a.swf, a1.swf and a2.swf. To get from a1.swf to a.swf us the path …/a.swf. To get from a1.swf to a2.swf use the path …/a2/a2.swf