Link to HTML

I’m new to Flash so all of you experienced Flashers might laugh at this question but i’m having a problem (of course)… I create a webpage that is fully HTML but the navigational buttons (nav) are in Flash… the links in the nav are programmed to change to a certain location on page (name anchors) but they don’t seem to work.

My webpage is really one page with a small content window displaying the information. When you click on the link the information in the small content window changes to it’s corresponding link without going to a new webpage (kind of like the iframe tag but not). When i did it all in HTML it was fine cuz i used the name attribute of the anchor tag. I changed the nav to Flash thinking that i can get the same results but i didn’t. I thought that:


would work but it didn’t. I then tried writing it like this:


and it worked but then it changed immediately after to a white page with the #link2 written on the page.

What am i doing wrong? I know this is a simple question for you Flashers but i seriously need help in this. Just started using this program yesterday

Ggo to this link and check it out, their doing the same thing you want to do. Once on the page right click and click view source. Hope this helps! JesseH