Linked Lists

I’m using the DLinkedList class from AS3 Data Structures For Game Developers at and i’m having trouble accessing the data in a workable way.

I’ve set it up as follows to create a multidimensional linked list.

//create linked list
layerContents[1] = new DLinkedList();
                for (var l:uint = 1; l <=15;l++){
                    //create a node within linked list with another linked list
                    layerContents[1].append(new DListNode(new DLinkedList()));
                //create an iterator to access the first linked list
                var itr:DListIterator = layerContents[1].getListIterator();

When i can veiw the current node data like this

trace(  + "CURRENT NODE DATA")

The problem is, unlike an array I can’t go “myArray[1][5].aMethod”, I need to use the append method on the object that the data returns, which would be another Linked List. I can’t work out how to do it.

Help would be appreciated.