Linking a download?

I’m trying to make a text link which allows a user to download a file. I’ve tied the getURL method and all it does is open a bunch of gibberish in a new window instead of downloading the file. To see what I’m talking about go to Go to the “downloads” section and look under "meshes:. you’ll see the download link there. I appreciate any input! THANKS!

They work perfectly fine for me. They download the .zip file and everything.

Hey there… I went to the site and it worked fin for me. After clicking the link it promted me to either save to disk or view from its location… all seems fine here.


oh yeah… that fire drake is really awesome - well done!

worked ok here…

seems that the files have to be in ZIP format…I had them in RAR format…stupid me. thanks!

oh…and i appreciate any suggestions for the site…i’ve got eighty million things to do what with school and work and i havent got much time for my own stuff. Let me know if you’ve got any ideas!