Linking external .swf's into a Flash Menu

[color=Navy]I’m am so frustrated at this point…please HELP!
I have created a menu in flash to link several .swf files that were created in Macromedia Captivate. I just want the user to click on a button, then have the screen jump to the corresponding .swf, then return back to the menu when the movie is done playing. If I link the file to the text instead of the button, it works, kind of.

I would like the movies to play at about full screen size, same as the menu.
I have tried several different lines of code, none of which seem to work right. At this point, I am so confused, I have no idea what code is correct. [/color]

Also, even code that seems right is coming up with an error saying…

"Symbol=MenuDropDown, layer=Layer 1, frame=2:Line 1: ‘)’ or ‘,’ expected.
where am I supposed to be putting a , or ) ???

At this moment, the code attached to one of my buttons is… (and I know this is not right, but just as an example…)

on (release) {(_root.loadMovie(file:///S:\MCIT\Help Desk\Captivate\Tracking System\Work Files\Nicole\Bryans Movies"Open Service COnsole page.swf");

loadVariables(“Open Service Console page.swf”, ‘thewin’, ‘thewin’, ‘height=748, width=1024, toolbar=no, scrollbar=no’);

If anyone can guide me in the right direction, I would Love You! Please help me. :upset: