Linking Flash with HTML

[size=2][font=Arial]Hello, i’m kinda new to Flash. I’'ve been messing around with it for a while. I mainly wanted to learn so i could create a website for my band. I’ve been useing HTML for a while now, and I wanted to know if there was a possible way to make a section of the Flash file I already made that I could use Flash buttons, also already in the file, to load a created HTML file into. Rather than haveing it all in the Flash file.

It would save alot of time and uploading to be able to do this. Can anyone be of some assistance on letting me know how?

If needed I could show what the file i’ve already made looks like to give more of an example of what i’m looking to do. Any feedback would be great.

You can load an html file to a dynamic textarea. There are many tutorials that shows how to do that, below is one of them. Just save your html file as .txt, make sure the render as html button is on (the <>) button at the text property. Also edit your html so that everything is one line, then do a loadvar in flash.
You can style the html too with css, and have Flash load the external.css file.
I hope that helps.