Linking from scenes to scene

I’m working on my first flash site. However, I’m stuck on how to make a button load the a specific scene. All of the tutorials I have looked at, show you how load another movie clip. Is it even possible to have it load a scene instead? I don’t know how to save just a particular scene into an individual movie. Starting over would really suck. Any help would be great.


Frame Labeling.

I have been trying to use this on an action frame.

goVision_btn.onRelease = function () {
gotoAndPlay(“Vision”, 1);

I made sure I gave the button a instanse variable name, and the scene I wish to goto is named Vision. Any Idea?

the code you just posted works fine for me. maybe you can post ur .fla so we can see what’s wrong.

don’t use scenes! scenes are bad - scenes are deprecated, they are something that remained from the early days of flash.

try using labled frames instead.

Its kind of messy because its my first try. However, here it is.