Linking problem

hi…check out my site :

im only using a flash menu…but there’s a problem with the links on each button…

if you click on any button from the index page they work fine (the forum isn’t setup yet so that link shudnt work), but try and navigate once you’ve moved from the index page to any other pages…all the links are broken!

im jsut using the the plain old getURL option so my links are like this :

on (release) {
getURL (“tutorials/index.php”);

or whatever the page is…iv’e set the site up so the main index (news) page is in the root directory along with the menu.swf file…then i have an about, tutorials, brushes and links dir. each with its own index page that the menu should link too. Once your in one of the sub-folders the links cant seem to get you out…

anyone know whats going on?

thanks :slight_smile: