Linking scenes together

Hello, I’m completly new to the world of Flash and this forum. Hopefully I can get some help with my questions here.

I’m having some problems with a project I’m supposed to be done with on Monday. The project is to tell the story of your life using Flash, graphics, sounds and some interactivity. My problem is that I don’t know how I should connect the scenes together. I thought of using clickable areas in the pictures that takes you back or forward. How should I do this? (as simple as possible please)

Not much help to find here…

Remember you can’t always get an instant answer to a question. Sometimes posts get dropped down the list if there’s a lot of activity of the forum. Patience, young Jedi. :slight_smile:

If you have built your movie using scenes, then you can indeed link them together with buttons. So say for example you have a scene for each 10 years of your life.

You need to create a button symbol in your library. Just a simple one - a box with the word ‘Next’ on it would do. Make sure that the Hit state in the fourth frame of the button has a shape on it for the clickable area.

At the end of the Timeline on each scene, you place an instance of this button. Now, open up the Actions panel when this button has been selected. The easiest way to do this is in Normal mode, where it will give you all the assistance you need. Choose an onPress() function from the options down the left. Then once this is there, inside that brackets you need a gotoAndPlay() function. Use the crosshair icon to find the target of your movie, choose the scene etc from the prompts it gives you.

Do this for each scene, and you should be able to click through.

I’m also new to Flash…
Can you link scenes withoug using a button?