Linking to a specific frame on another swf

Hi all,
I am trying to get a button on one swf to go to a specific frame on another swf. I have two movies A.swf and B.swf

I have five frames in A.swf. I have a button in B.swf. I want the button in B.swf to link to frame 4 in A.swf.

To accomplish this, I have the following code:
//code on the button in B.swf
on (press){
on (release){
with (_level1) {
gotoAndPlay (“frame5”);
}It works absolutely great (for anyone who wants to know how to link to a specific frame on another swf). The only problem is that when I execute this in ‘Test Movie’ you can see B.swf under A.swf. How do I get rid of B.swf so users can see only A.swf and the contents in frame 4?

I’ve tried almost everything, including changing level 1 to level 0. In this case, the first frame of A.swf plays. The playhead does not go to frame 4.

Can anyone help me with this please?
Many thanks.