Linking to a .word doc causes trouble with IE6 SP2

I have this problem with a link that points to a .word document in Flash, and i’m not really sure what the problem is. I found out that it only fails to work in IE6 with SP2, it works fine in IE5/5.5/6.0 SP1 & 7.0.

If you have you IE6 with SP2 and you do the following. -> click “nee” at the first question -> then click on the “mobile” in the hand of the girl -> on the left you see a red book “dit moet je weten”, this is where you should click. Then click on the “download dit boekje”. This is the point where on the computer here with IE6 SP2, things go wrong.

It works just fine in every browsers i have tested it in. There you get either the content of the word document , or you get the option to download the .doc file.

At the 3 computers i have try’d it here at my work, a new browser window opens after which it closes itself after a couple of seconds. And on 1 computer it even opens the new window but displays a 404 error. I had a look at the page it was trying to open, (which was correct) and entered it into the addressbar myself. Then it suddenly worked fine.

I really don’t see why it fails to work on computers with IE6 SP2 installed. Any idea’s what might be the reason for this, and how i can fix this? Does that link work for you, if you have IE6 SP2 installed?