Linking to different FLV files - FLASH VIDEO?

Hi all, I am developing a CD-Rom presentation. Within the presentation will be a number of video files. I have converted these to flv files and want to link to them through the media display and media controller components. I can work all of this out and have it functioning for one flv file.

On the left I have a set of buttons which when clicked should take the user to its corresponding video file. I am having troubles working out how to link buttons to play their corresponding flv file.

I tried building each flv file with its own media components in its own movie. Exporting these to their own swf file. Then just running a load movie command from the button navigation. This attempts to load the movie with the media component but it takes forever, then tells me the page is running a script that will slow my computer down!

Can anyone point me in th right direction of working this out.