Linking with buttons - only ckicxkable on exact text - help!

Hi, i am new to the world of flash, but these tutorials make life a lot easier - thanks.\rI have encountered one problem though! when i have created a button which links to a url, it is only clickable on the exact text, not the area around it as well which gets a little anoyiny!\r\rCan anybody help a new 16 year old to the world of flash?\r\rthanks, Steve Whiteley

This is because you haven’t created a large enough ‘hit’ area around your text. You need to draw a rectange (or whatever shape you want) around your text when it’s in the ‘hit’ state and then you won’t just have to click on the exact text!

right click on the button and select edit and then in the 4th frame of the button the “hit” state draw a rectangle that surrounds the text. This rectangle won’t be seen but it will be the active area of the button. \r\rsorry…just clarifying…