Links open behind main full screen flash file

hi everyone

i am not an expert with flash so this question might sound stupid to you, but i would appreciate some help from u experts.

i am making my portfolio in flash to be sent thru a CD. i made thumbnails and gave them links to enlarged images with geturl action and they are working fine.but today i faced a problem that if any internet explorer window is open then if now we click on the thumbnails it hides behind the fullscreen portfolio and i have to use Alt+tab in this case to see the enlarged images.

same thing is happening if somebody accidently double clicks on the images.

is there any way in flash by which we can make sure that the enlarged image of the thumnails or the links always open in front of the main flash portfolio.

or the only way is not to use fullscreen fscommand :frowning:

please help ASAP.i would be really thankful to you