List box component

Can I use the list box component to control a flash movie?? I want to have a list box that will act as a menu when the user clicks an object flash will load a movie into a empty movie clip. Is this possible?? If so please send me a link to tut or send a script or fla Please

Thanks in Advance

definitely possible…

use an onChange function with the getselecteditem() command. Then, use if/else statements or switch/case statements to handle your navigation.

If you want a more detailed description, let me know… (In a bit of a hurry. Thought I’d give you enough to get started).

I struggle with AS…graphics and motion I got licked. Please if you could give me an example or a nice piece of snippet I would really appreciate it. Thank for the info thus far…

I almost got it but if anyone has had success with what I am trying to do please let me how you did it