List Box with images / text

Does anyone have a solution for creating list boxes with images in them? I have learned that scroll panes allow you to load .jpgs, .swfs, etc… into them, but is not quite what I’m after (I think). I am going to be populating the list (both text and images) from a database, therefore the .swf file can’t be created / exported to manually place in the scroll pane.

An example of the solution I’m after is – I’m not sure if they are handling their content dynamically, but it’s close to what I’m after.

On the main page / top of the page there is an artists section. This is what spawned the idea – I realize this is probably just a scroll pane with pre-defined buttons, exported as a .swf. But this is the concept I’d like to learn to do by populating the list entries from a database.

Leads / ideas/ solutions?

Thank you,