List component / UIScrollBar - thumb positioning


I’ve never had to touch components before, I’ve always made my own scrollbars / display panes etc. But I have to visually style a flash app that one of our .net developers built in flash using components. I was able to get most of it to obey me, but the stupid thumb button of the scrollbar on this list component is driving me nukkin futs. I cannot seem to find any property that I can set (in pixels) the top and bottom of where the thumb button may travel (vertically). In my mind, it seems there should be a property like the constraint rectangle associated with the startDrag method.

I’ve reskinned the up and down buttons, and currently the thumb button renders 5 pixels below the top of the up button, but above it layer wise, so it covers most of the up button. When you drag the thumb button down, it covers the same amount of the down button when you reach the bottom. Worse, if I add items to the list box (in this case a file name), then remove it with my “remove” button, suddenly the thumb button automatically constrains itself between the up and down buttons. When I remove another item from the list, the thumb button snaps back to the “Im going to cover the up button” position, but snaps back to “Im constrained between up and down buttons now” when you drag it.

These are the various properties I’ve tried to set the scroll constraints, using AS, to no avail:

filesList.setScrollProperties(12, 12, 24);
filesList.scrollPosition = 20;
filesList.minScrollPosition = Math.max(minScrollPosition, 0);

So it seems to me that the scrollbar thumb is positioned according to the size and position of some part of the up/down buttons, but for some reason, only obeys after I’ve removed an item from the list box.

I hope I’m making sense. :crazy: