Listbox by POM?

Hi everybody, I just took a look at the listbox tutorial by POM
[ ].
I was wondering If I hook up a DB to that listbox, ( witch is not the problem ) How do I alter the list so that I can select an entry and move it to another place like a text box or something, instedof just showing some text about that perticuler entry.

[so how do i move the entries from the list into a text box?]

please can someone help me do this.

Thanks for you time and posible help on this matter.


Well I don’t get exactly what you are talking about, but this is what I do when I read a thread like this.

Go to

and you will find many great fla’s ect… about your listbox concerns.

Hey Lars,
What do you mean by move the entry to another place exactly?

pom :slight_smile: