Little question

Hi everyone. Im abit new to flash myself so im hoping there is a easy solution for my problem, here goes:

I got this movieclip lets call it HITBOX. What i want to do is check if HITBOX is currently on top of Any other movieclip and if so what is the name of that movie clip, I have tried:

_droptarget: Only works in relation to Start/stop drag ?. and while a script i made for a button, checking two clips worked perfeclty, the exact same code didnt work in a function declared in a onCLipEvent handler. Think i got to read up on that abit :stuck_out_tongue:

hitTest: Works, but requires unigue and Targeted names on the movieclip instances, i want to be able to name 100 instances the same name, “earth” for example, not earth1,2,3. Was goning for something with a wildcard there but couldnt figure out what the char is for wildchar in flash, that might have worked otherwise =)

Is there any method to just get the name of any movieclip MAIN is currently over, or return a movieclips name of given x,y cords?

//tempClip = GettheFriggi’nClipAt(100,200)

Would appriciate any hints, thanks in advance