Live Videos in Flash

my question is…is it possible to incorprate video files… mpeg wma avi etc…into a flash movie? not just 2-3 frames…but an actual good sized one.

If you have a Gif programer that allows you to do videos into Gif’s
and a sound recorder you are set.


I use a tool called vid2swf.exe

You can get it at

There are other tools too, but I have no experience with these: (this looks like the same product with a face lift!!

and Wildform Flix (this looks expensive, but does give a few extra bells and whistles, preloader looks handy!)

Good luck and let me know how you get on, I’d be interested in a review of Wildform Flix


John :slight_smile:

thats a review for FLIX.

I like Flix for large video files, but then again, I haven’t used any other programs. From what I’ve seen though, I figure Flix could do better than others because it offers so many customizations, features, etc. that the other programs don’t offer. It has the features of Windows Media Encoder (features) with support for converting QT, MPEG, AVI, etc. into Flash!

Kirupa :rambo:

Try this:
I hope it’ll helps:smirk:

I have found the fastest and easiest is the Riva converter – try it out ( Oh and its FREE!)

It has been almost 4 years since the topic starter posted this, I hope they found a solution long before today.

The dates should get bigger as time progresses…