Live webcamp,live chat and sms related Question

Hi there,
My company had got a huge project there demand to
Show there company "live on there website, live chat and the worse part is send SMS from the mobile to the website. … and believe me I have no idea about any of these… please help. What we need and where to get it from if possible …. Please…
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Sorry, I can’t help you with it :frowning:

But just a little FYI, it’s “their” not “there”

never agree to do something you have no fusking clue about.

hm… i know there is someone out there who will have at lest little clue abt it.

i’m so lost heres omething having to do with sms to cell phones i’m gonna look at the webcam though because idk what smsmeans
setting up webcam webpage
or (better i think)
free voice over ip chat (incase yuo might use it for something because of handcramps)

hope it helps

thank you dude… now SMS part is left behind. i want to received sms on my webpage from mobile… like… please help