Hello Fellow Kirupians! Yet another qusetion from me! TheOneAndOnly!

Ok, so here is the deal…I have this game im making, its like an asteroids clone…Anyways, i want to make it so when an asteroid hits you, you lose a life (which i did) BUT when it hits you it doesnt just take 1 life away it takes like 20 a second, so how do i make it when the asteroid hits, it takes only 1 life away?

here is the code im using now

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (this.hitTest(_root.asteroid)) {
_root.lives -= 1;

I have a suggestion, try making a sequence for the space ship called “damaged”. in that sequence, create three frames and select the middle one. Then open the actions panel and type _root.lives -= 1; here is an fla of what I mean:

thank you so much elPooter! :smiley:

No problem :).