Load an external MC from a dynamic text link? - Possible?

Ok i have a dymanic text box that scrolls. There are some words that the client would like to be links to the other sections in the site much like what you would do in HTML. Is it possible to attach action script to a link in a dymanic text box that scrolls? The load script it self would be


Can i get a dynamic text link to do this?

Sure, run a search on ‘asfunction’ :wink:

ya tried that and i’ll i get is 50 threads of ppl telling them to search. Man i’m going to be super helpful from now on and tell ppl to search. Or i might get really creative and paste the search button into my thread becuase you know ppl love seeing that.

Im assuming you are loading an external txt file.

lv = new LoadVars();
lv.onLoad = function(success) {
	if (success) {
		myTextField.html = true;
		myTextField.htmlText = this.myVar;
function loadClip(arg) {
	var temp = arg.split("|");
	loadMovie(temp[0], temp[1]);

And on the txt file called text.txt:

myVar=Load movie <a href='asfunction:loadClip,home.swf|_root.content'>here</a>&

Thanks claudio seems when ever i have the odd question you are my go to guy.

You txt line is exactly what i needed to see. I was making mine more complicated then i needed too and it was casusing problems. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.

Welcome sintax, happy holiday for you!