Load and play external movie


i’m writing a little application, where users can move through a small world with an avatar. Because their will be many avatars available I’ve decided to load them dynamic. The avatar is saved in a *.swf file. The file consists of different frames, where the front, the back and the side of the avatar is shown. Now I want to load this file in to my application and display a frame of the swf file.

What I’ve tried was:


But this doesn’t work.

Do you have any suggestions?


first check if the avatr1.swf file is in the same folder as the main mvoie and then try adding _root and that kinda stuff in front of createEmptyMovielip(); and the 2 next ones

The avatar is shown on the screen, but I can’t get access to another frame than the first. I only want to show the third frame or play frame 10 to 15 for example.