Load another movie

Say I’m currently using “loading” as a loading movie clip, once it’s finished, how do I load another movie clip called: “ff”?

Please help. Thanks.

loadMovieNum (“newmovie.swf”, 0);

Where newmovie.swf is the movie you’re loading, and 0 is the level you’re loading it into.

I was thinking that… wondering what he means by a “loading movie”… do you mean a preloader?

Looking at it again, it’s probably preloaders. Which I have a personal vendetta against. Quite frankly I’d rather explain the offside rule, so someone else can field this one. :slight_smile:

Check out my post in “best of Kirupa” “preloaders rerevisitied”

should explain a lot… most people find it very helpful. At the very least I’ve provided a downloadable preloader there that is quite good.

I mean just in the same SWF file I have another symbol(movie clip) called “fling”, not loading another *.swf file. BTW< where do you get good free on EVENT sounds., like clicking, typing, and stuff, the ones in the Library sucked.