Load Dynamic Text into different Level problems :-<

I have been following this tutorial:


All is good, except when I apply it to one of my existing flash sites… problems. I believe it is to do with levels.

Basically I want to load some basic text into a dynamic field, as per tutorial.

My movie that requires the dynamic text is loaded into another movie. Therefore the movie I wish to the display the text on is nort working. The problem area of code is this I believe:

loadText = new loadVars();
loadText.onLoad = function() {
name.text = this.name;
email.text = this.email;
location.text = this.location;

I believe I need to amend this code to point to the new level, Am I right? can u help?

My main movie loads the required movie into an MC called “Content”. I assume my required movie is: _root.content.<whatever object>. Tried a few things but still doesn’t work. Any ideas guys?

This will b much apreciated