Load external url (web page) into SWF

hi all
Is it possible to load an external html page (web page on different server) into a level or empty movie clip?

My client has asked me to incorporate a free messageboard!

not the way you’re thinking.

  1. you can’t load anything into flash that’s not located on the same server as the SWF file. You CAN use php or some similar programing language to pull data from another server to the one where the swf is located.

  2. you can’t load just any html page into an SWF at all. Flash doesn’t understand how to interpret these things. You CAN import html based text into a dynamic text field in an SWF but the html cannot contain any code which was incorporated into html any later than 1983 I think. So that basicaly means font tags and href links. Not much else that I’m aware of.

sorry man…

thanks anyway…i’ll just have to dream up some other fan-dango idea


You can get all you need here: www.phpforflash.com/ in the source code downloads, it’s a free php-flash mzssage board, buy the book for more infos and read the posts in the forum there (working example of what it’ll look like) for tweaks…

a wonderful link Joe, thankyou :wink: