Load Movie not loading till second click

I have a problem where a movie i’m loading into my main movie, isn’t displaying.
Well, it does, but it doesn’t display straight away

I have a button, that when clicked, moves to a frame that has the load movie command.
When i click it, it moves to the frame, and loads the movie, but doesn’t display it (the movie i’m loading has its own preloader, and then a graphic)
If i click back , and then click the same button as before, it moves to the frame, and (provided the movie has loaded)… displays my graphic!
The loading is taking place in the background, and the movie is not showing up, until its fully finished, and has been clicked to, twice.

View it for yourself . . www.followthewhiterabbit2002.com , in the awards section (also same problem with the audio… its supposed to display a loader when you click play, then play the audio when its loaded)
I’m pretty sure the preloaders work for each movie i’m loading… they contain the same actionscript as the preloader for the main movie, which loads fine.

Thanks if anyone can help me! i have to fix this asap!!