Load movie problem

mmmm I’m stuck here, the problem is the load movie command isn’t working for me. I made a movie and at the end it loads another movie that works fine, however I simply want to load another movie at the end of the second one.
So far I have three movies and I can only get two of them to link together, not the third one aswell, could somebody take a look for me I’d be seriously grateful…

I’ll mail it to anyone who’s interested if ok.
Many thanks

Simon :slight_smile:

Send me all three Flash FLA files… I’ll take a look. I’d prefer it if they were zipped first

[email protected]

Thanks Upu I have sent the fla’s :slight_smile:

Hypothetically speaking, if you put a “load movie” command at the end of the second movie it should do the trick.

that’s exactly what I’m thinking, the funny thing is I’ve tried it on all the layers of the second movie and it wont have it for some reason.
Also the movie loops which I dont want, so I add a stop then a load movie after that… then all I get is a stop and no load mov ?
I cant figure this one even though I’m certain it’s just something stupid and ovbious I’m missing.

Have you tried loading the movie then stopping instead of stopping and then loading the movie?

I’m not sure if that actually matters (and, if I remember correctly, it doesn’t as long as they’re on the same frame), but give it a shot…

wow, I think I could be my own worst enemy here.
I found out why it wouldn’t work, my first movie is a html page on the net, this then loads the second movie which is a swf. I was putting my load movie at the end of the swf file and trying to load another html file, I changed it to load the same movie3 but in swf format and bingo it works, phew.
Could anyone advise me a little I’m not sure whether I should stick with html or will just as many people be able to view the swf version. Also is it right that I couldn’t load a html page from a swf page?
Any thoughts are always appreciated :wink:


:lol: ! ouch man… I was just about to get into that bad boy when I read this. I’ll still take a look around, but I’m glad to know you figured that one out. :slight_smile:

You can get a HTML page from within a Flash movie (swf) by using the getURL() command. There are a multitude of tutes and posts on how to use getURL().


Html is tricky. Remember that most html tags will not work properly. It’s only pre 1983 scripts that work.

Hey I’m preety pleased I figured that out, I got there in the end pheewwwww :slight_smile:
Thanks for the comments they all help honestly!!!

Lastley Upu says pre 1983 scripts will work? what’s that all about then, I’d have presummed that as time advanced so too would scripts mmmmmmmm?

Thanks again all


Flash will understand some basic HTML is what I mean. You can’t for instance set up a table in html, import it into flash and have flash understand what that is. Altering font type, color, creating href links, and things like that are ok though.

I understand what you mean… thanks Upu
also tis another sunny day!! :slight_smile: