Load movie question

Hi guys…

Im building a site at the moment and i have finished the home page. But what i wanted was, instead of a user clicking on a button and the entire page loads to the new one… I was hope that i could have the interface always viewable. So when then the user clicks on “biography” let say, it’ll load in a certain part of the page.

e.g www.2advance.com (when user click on portfolio, it loads in the middle of the screen but the rest is still there -the mian interface- )

thats what im after… i know how to make the preloader so thats not a problem, just the loadmovie part im unsure about. But one question for the preloading part… would i have to create a preloader for EACH page? Or just one? if that makes sense…

Anyways, i really do hope someone could help me with the loadmovie. To get a clearer understanding go to 2advanced.com… click on portfolio and see how the loadmovie for the “portfolio” page works.

thanks guys


have you tried doing a search in here on “loadMovie” I know we’ve covered this one extensively a number of times.

If you can’t find anything that way let me know… I’ll try to explain it again.

Hi David,
Yeah i have tried searching for loadmovie on here and i have found an example on it. But there is just some things that im i am unsure of… like, how to make the loadmovie load in a certain perameter… just little things like that!

Unless u know of a good tutorial thats easy to understand, i would be more than happy to to see it…


If u think u could explain it clearly for me…

either way i would be much appreciated hey…

Thanks heaps David…


the trick is to target a blank movieclip wich will load the external movie. The external movie will load at the bottom right of the positioning “+” of the blank movieclip. ( See the example below, the red square is the external movieclip and the + is the the blank movieclip, this is where external movieclips load)
<img src=“http://www20.brinkster.com/dotmethod/external.jpg” width=“79” height=“50” border=“0”>
To make it easy on us ( flash developers ) they made it so that the background becomes transparent to it wouldnt cover anything up. But make sure to scale the external movie so its content isnt bigger that the area intended for it. (go to Modify>Movie> and toggle with the “dimensions” of the movie. Now when external movie loads it should load in the desired part of the movie and shouldnt cover any part of the main movie. ~~hope this helped

NOTE:Make sure youre connected the internet and have pateince if its a big movie.
To create a blank movieclip press Ctrl+F8 and choose MovieClip. Do not put anything into that movie clip. Now select themovie clip , choose Instance and put in “MC1” in the “name” feild. Now on youre button put in these actions

on (release) {
tellTarget ("_root.mc1") {
loadMovie (“http://www.server.com/your_movie.swf”, “_root.mc1”);

Thats it !! Now when you click youre button the external movieclip should load; Good luck

pretty good explination. :slight_smile:
I’m not sure what “parameters” you’re talking about. Certainly feel free to ask any specific question though.

Hey Cubed,
Thanks heaps for the reply, very good explaination as well…

There is just one thing im not sure because im not really a wizz with computers. But when you wrote:


i never had to use the www.server part… So what do u mean exactly by that? Could u please give me an example…I know what u mean about the swf though.


When i dragged the empty movieclip onto the stage, how do i make it so its a certain size? if that makes sense…

I have made an attachment of what i have done… The square in the bottom right is where i wont the other movie to load.

I know if i knew more about flash i would of understood what u said, sorry… :frowning: Im getting there though… :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help…

A Thanks to you too David…


p.s I have Flash 5 by the way (incase that made a difference in the scriptiong)

http://www.server.com/your_movie.swf is only an example URL of a flash movie. It doesnt matter how you write it, as long as flash finds the movie you want it to. If all your movies are on the same host you can just put <b>/your_movie.swf</b>.

You cant determine the size of the blank movie clip but only the size of the movie clip that is being loaded into the blank one. So for example if my entire flash document was 800X600 and then the movie that I am going to load into the blank MC should be smaller than the entire area and preferably the same or smaller than the area I want it to take up. I hope the image below helps you understand. I set it up to closly resemble what attached.<br><img src=“http://www20.brinkster.com/dotmethod/external2.gif” width=“452” height=“205” border=“0”><br> If you want me to setup your attatched file so it would be a working sample just tell me. Always glad to help :slight_smile:

So where do i go to change the size of the of the blackmovie clip? For some reason your picture didnt load hey. Yeah do u think you could set up an attachment file? That would DEFINATELY help, i think i would understand it much better hey…

And i would also have to say you have been the most helpful person since i have joined. You give very clear explainations… :slight_smile:

So yeah, thanks heaps again…