Load Movie, Tell Targeting


I created 10 buttons, grouped them into one movie clip, make the movie clip move (motion Tween) from right to left, with the 10 buttons in a string, like a ticker tape. I placed this mc on the main timeline.

I want to be able to have it, so when the user clicks on any of the 10 buttons moving across the page, a large picture, bellow the string of buttons will show. This large picture should itself be inside of another mc. So if you click on button 1, you should see picture A, if you click on button 2, you’ll see picture B, etc.

What would be the most effective way to do this? Should I have the picture mc as a separate .swf, and have a LoadMovie action to the corresponding button? Do I need to tell target? What would be the exact code? Once I’ll do the scripting, will I be able to test it, before I FTP(Publish in broswer)?

Thanks so much!