Load movie

I have used this code to load a movie into a project

on (release) {
loadMovieNum(“sun1.swf”, 1);

works perfectly however there is one thing that is beyond me, … well lots actually!

This code does not allow me to load multiple instances of the same movie file, if I load the file and then press it again it unloads the first and reloads another, is it possible to use the loadmovie command to load duplicate copies of the same .swf file??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure about loading duplicate copies of the same file but if you load them into the same level (1) they will automatically unload the movie that was loaded into that level.

I would like I guess to create a script that says

“if a movie clip called Sun1 exists, then duplicate it - else - load sun1.swf”

Unforunately I am very very new to flash and don’t stand a chance of figuring that out!

Well you are in the right place then. Unfortunately my scripting knowledge is very limited as well, but there are so many smart helpful people in this forum, I have really learned a lot here. My advice is use the search feature of the forums, and us the help menu that comes with Flash, it has some great definitions and tutorials. Also, macromedia.com has some tutorials in the developer section (devnet)

I would recommend that you do a seach for “duplicate swf” or something along those lines.

Good luck with your project and sorry I can’t help you more with the code.

Thanks buddy, have a good one