Load Movies and Load everything?

Its me bj…
And this is my first post,
Ok now,
I got two files (index.swf & bjportfolio.swf)
The index.swf is my main file and the bjportfolio.swf is the separate file. Ive added actions like

tellTarget ("target") {


where target is my target name and start is my frame label
to the index.swf, and a loadmovie in the target MC Frame

loadMovie(“bjportfolio.swf”, “target”);

when I test it, publish it and its running well.

Now, my question is can I use the bjportfolio.swf as the target where i can use all my loadmovie actions on each frame like
loadMovie(“bjportfolio.swf”, “target”);

And then Goto and Play the BJPORTFOLIO>SWF frame 2
Something like that!

loadMovie(“bjportfolio.swf”, “target”);

So the movies load on the Target mc and the loadmovies are loaded from bjportfolio.swf