Load multiple sounds online

Hello people!
I’ve been reading this wonderful forum for a while, but the time has come to jump in!

Well, I’m making a game and I have some problems with loadsound…When i test it on my computer, it runs ok and sounds are ok, and when i push a button with the instruction mysound.start(), the sound plays ok. BUT, when i put the game online, no sound is played! I also uploaded all of my .mp3’s, of course. Directories are structured as follows:
-Data (is a folder containing the .swf)
-Sounds (a folder containing subfolders with sounds in .mp3 format)

And what is even more strange: i’ve put an onLoad event for the sounds when i load them (they are dinamically loaded at runtime, they are NOT in library), looking if a sound is loaded ok or not…well, testing it online, i can see that a message appears saying that it has loaded sounds ok!!! So, why aren’t they playing???

Thanks very much in advance for your time!