Load sound

How would you use the command “mysong.loadSound(“your.mp3”, true);” without using a button to trigger the event. I would like to put the comand on the main time line.

The code is identical, with the exception of the on(release) action!

mySound = new Sound();

make sure that the your movie and mp3 are in the same folder.

Hope this helps


Does not seem to be working. I am sure my mp3s are in the same folder as my swf, and there are no errers when I publish,
or when I move the playhead to a different frame with a new load command.:q:

What is the “mysound=new Song()” for?

mySound = new Sound();
creates a new sound holder for your external sound file. Make sure that you have mySound in front of the loadSound action.

Are you sure you have the name of the mp3 right?

mySound.loadSound("[COLOR=blue]myMusic.mp3[/COLOR] ", true)

That part in blue has to be indentical to the name of the file in your folder.

Hope this helps


They are named correctly. If you have time I"ll upload the fla.:slight_smile: